Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A new season is upon us!

Greetings riders!  Fall is only a couple of weeks away and snow is falling in the high country.  It won't last to long this early, but don't be fooled, it will snow. This is the wake up call to get out and ride Colorado at one if it's most colorful times.  Crisp morning's give way to beautiful Autumn days state wide and this is a perfect time to get on the bike before the snow really flies.  Dress warm, hydrate and turn those pedals.  Thom


  1. I'm looking forward to riding Mount Evans without the stress of autos. Is the gate closed for the season? When does it generally close? Thanks, Cheryl

  2. The gate is closed now. After the first "snow", park officials decide its time not to maintain the road til spring. You can park in Idaho Springs and tack on the miles, see Front Range-Idaho Springs on home page for details, or park at Echo Lake and ride up from there. Thom